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"Church-less" Christianity?

February 11, 2014 | by: Sam Storms| 2 Comments


Shawn Paterson

Feb 11, 2014

Great post - definitely one of the better responses to Miller's recent blogs.

I found his blog post to be entirely in line with much of his writing - so I was not surprised. Interesting that the guy has created a platform for himself in a room he proudly doesn't identify with, and his audience seemed taken aback that he doesn't do what they do - attend a church. I mean, he's often very critical of the very thing he doesn't participate in. Which, actually makes sense (to him). Of course he doesn't go to church. Him and others have sought 'A New Kind of Christianity' and they have actualized it, and now live in it. My main concern with the blog was the many "I" statements, as if attending a corporate gathering was all about ourselves and the idea that it was just about a sermon and some music - a very low view of the corporate gathering.

Miller's low view of church shouldn't lead us to abandon the old paths - or what he likes to call "traditional". We're not talking about pews or music here - we're talking about the gathering of the saints. Instead, we should perhaps acknowledge that for many people Sunday mornings (and maybe even church in general) is what he described - a sermon and some songs. And we should work to do whatever needs to be done to change this reality and/or perception.

Also - in the follow up he says "Many people thought the blog was saying..." I think good communicators should be able to correctly anticipate what message their audience will hear and adjust accordingly. That would make the need for follow-up blogs less.

Mike Gordon

Feb 11, 2014

When the church leaves you, what else can you do?
It is only by God's grace I finally found a church I can grow in.
So many churches do not grow the yearning to know God more.
They may save you, but never tell you the Holiness needed to survive this veil of tears.
Pray for the American Church. It is lost in a sea of programs, policies and political correctness.
So few take the soul and give it the nutrients it needs to mature.

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