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“Satan and Sodomy”: An Incredibly Kind, Loving, Compassionate article from John Piper

August 9, 2017 | by: Sam Storms| 3 Comments


Eric M Hill

Aug 14, 2017

Absolutely wonderful article! The world's mounting pressure threatens to suffocate the voice of the Church through intimidation and misrepresentation. Praise God for leaders who preach truth.

Jay W. Patterson

Aug 13, 2017

How do best get in contact with Sam or John?

doug sayers

Aug 9, 2017

Thanks Sam, John. This is loving the world in the right way.
Someone will say: " Choosing that word signifies your belligerence toward people who..."
It seems that phase 1 in the process of justifying any sin is to give it a new palatable name.

I understand (and agree) that we need to be understanding to those who struggle with ssa but much of what goes on today is just reckless and defiant of God's law. Are we soon going to be required to walk on eggshells when reproving other sins: racism, greed, rape...?

I struggle to think of a sin that I've committed that has not come naturally. We are born this way so that the works of God may be manifest in us. Like the man born blind. John 9.

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