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10 Things You should Know about Interpreting the Bible

October 24, 2016 | by: Sam Storms| 5 Comments


Lawrence Acquaye

Oct 26, 2016

Great piece. Love it!


Oct 26, 2016

Approaching the Bible text in an attitude of prayer also should not be neglected or overlooked.

Dave Brown

Oct 25, 2016

Sam, thanks for this article and your great book about Packer. Looking forward to your new book! Dave


Oct 24, 2016

John, I'm sorry for giving you an answer for which you must wait, but I have a book coming out the first week of February, 2017, that addresses all of these questions. It is titled, Practicing the Power, and will be published by Zondervan. So, if you can wait about 3 months, I think it will answer your questions.

John Runnion

Oct 24, 2016

This was helpful. I am struggling with clear definitions for illumination, prophecy and revelation. I am a member in a non denominational "reformed Baptist" church who is open to the spiritual gifts. I believe we often talk past each other by not being clear on the meaning of words. I think we have made some progress with the following definition of illumination:

The illumination of the Holy Spirit is "[t]he process by which God's Holy Spirit enables us to understand His word and apply it to our lives." [1]

I have not been able to find practical useful definitions for prophecy and revelation. We need help. If we can't discuss what the Spirit is illuminating to us for fear of being judged or misunderstood how can we be a spiritual community? J. Boice says that the Bible without the Spirit's illumination is a closed book. But I get suspicious with someone says that have prophecy or revelation. I don't have the tools/questions to discern what they mean.

Can you help us?

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