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10 Things You should Know about the Judgment of the Believer

April 3, 2017 | by: Sam Storms| 3 Comments



Apr 4, 2017

Good discussion, but let us not lose the overarching truth that Heaven is not about getting rewards. Heaven is more about using God's grace and gifts to serve and glorify Him.

Drew Irvin

Apr 4, 2017

Mr. Storms,

An anecdote for you: I was selecting the browser window to resume reading this post by clicking on the text. I was frustrated to have inadvertently clicked a link to another page, having to close it to get back to your article. This post was so full of scripture references that it was inevitable. Well done, sir!

John Gryte

Apr 3, 2017

I am unable to locate a phone number for you. I have been attending North Heights Lutheran Church in Arden Hills, Mn for 25 yrs and we are looking for a new Senior Pastor. NHLC was influential in the Lutheran Church during the charismatic renewal in the early 60's.

I read your outstanding book "Convergence" and have heard and seen you at John Piper's annual conferences. I am a physician and Wheaton grad and also a Charismatic Calvinist like yourself.

I wanted to ask you if you knew of any possible candidates you would recommend to fill our vacancy for the role of Senior Pastor here at NHLC that I could pass on to the call committee.

If you prefer to talk on the phone my number is 763-434-4843 or I could call you at your convenience.

Thanks so much, Sam. Your comments above re: the judgement seat of Christ was very helpful to me. I plan to continue to visit your website in the future.

John Gryte

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