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Can a Christian be Demonized? Part Two

February 17, 2017 | by: Sam Storms| 2 Comments


Kevin Courtney

Feb 22, 2017

I personally cannot believe that the Holy Spirit could be with a person and yet share that person with a demon. Please remember that the Devil is Gods devil and he cannot do anything that God doesn't allow him to (see Job). The examples of demonically possessed persons in the Bible are all unsaved persons. When the demon was cast out, we can hope that this was a prelude to their salvation but there isn't much said about the people excepting the man whose demon was cast out and then returned and the mans condition was worse that at first. If a person has allowed a demon to gain a foothold in their life, I cannot believe that they are saved. Many people claim to be Christians yet have not committed themselves to Christ. Words spoken in a moment of emotion or joy do not a Christian make and that person armed with a false assurance might very easily find themselves demon possessed. The Holy Spirit cannot be compared to a bullet and if you get wounded, God has somehow allowed that to happen, the same as when you get sick. God has a purpose for everything that happens in our lives although we shouldn't blame problems we bring on ourselves through sin on God. I'll bank on the Holy Spirit to keep me demon free and my faith in God to keep me from willfully engaging in sinful practices .

Mark Corbett

Feb 20, 2017

I thank God for your humble, yet clear, teaching on this admittedly difficult topic. Like you, I agree that the Bible does not clearly and explicitly answer the question of whether or not a demon can be "in" a Christian. However, as you point out, demons clearly can, if we let our guard down, influence and harm Christians, even severely.

To those who feel a demon cannot enter a Christian because the Holy Spirit is more powerful, I would point out the the Holy Spirit is far more powerful than bullets and far more powerful than viruses. Yet bullets and viruses enter Christians.

Like you, when I consider all the Biblical evidence (which is by far the most important evidence) and also my own ministry experience, I feel it is likely that demons can, indeed, enter Christians. I believe this mainly happens through serious, unrepentant sin. Sins related to idolatry and things like witchcraft seem to be especially likely to open the door to demonic influence, although the Bible most clearly warns about this influence related to the "normal" sin of anger. Although I saw more clear examples of Christians benefiting from deliverance ministry during my 14 years of ministry in Indonesia, I have no reason to believe that demons work fundamentally differently there than in America. (But do to widespread animistic practices even among Christians, demonization may be more common there.)

Finally, I agree with you that whether the demon is outside or inside of a believer, our response is not much different. Either way we encourage the person to submit to God and resist the devil. Doing so may involve confession of sins, prayers for protections, commands in Jesus' Name for the demon to leave, and soaking in the means of grace (Bible, Prayer, Fellowship). If we are praying and we word our prayer assuming the demon is inside rather than outside, and we are wrong (or vice versa), will God then refuse to answer our prayer? I thank God that He is very graceful and while we should strive for doctrinal purity, He does not require doctrinal perfection to hear our prayer and help us.

Again, thanks for this helpful post!

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