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Delighting in Scripture

July 13, 2013 | by: Sam Storms| 2 Comments


Garry Lay

Jul 13, 2013

Edwards’ comments do indeed reflect my personal view, experience and attitude toward God’s word. As I have exercised discipline to spend regular quality time in study and meditation on God’s word, that discipline quickly became delight. I have learned to delight in God’s delightfulness (Ps. 27:4 - God’s beauty / delightfulness). I find that the things which seem to interest most people (even believers) are in fact boring in comparison to the treasures to be found in the insights and increased desire for more that God gives to those who delight in Him. (Ps. 37:4).


Jul 13, 2013

I start my bible reading every day with a verse or two from Psm 119. I am often saddened (but not enough) but how little the sentiment expressed can be said to be my experience. However, I take my hope and encouragement from picturing the words coming from the mouth of Jesus - who has eternally and will forever delight perfectly in the fellowship He has in the Godhead, and it is his obedience in which I rest.

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