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I am an Amillennialist "because of" Revelation 20

May 19, 2014 | by: Sam Storms| 3 Comments


Chris Johnson

May 19, 2014

I believe that the historical and positional terminology of pre, a, and post, tend to confuse the clear expositional value of what the Apostle John has been shown by God to record. Our church walked through the Book of the Revelation for over 3.5 years and it is such a blessing to know that the church is truly blessed and triumphant in Christ. Revelation 20 is not too difficult to understand when one throws off contemporary tradition and employs a consistent hermeneutic. Thank you for the explanation and work you have done in this area.

If Revelation 20 is viewed in isolation and driven by contemporary tradition, one will miss the obvious repetitive use of symbolic references to time. John has clearly given us a consistent use of symbolic language throughout the entire opus.



May 19, 2014

Great article. I'd love to see you tackle the claims of hyper-Preterism!

rick shepler

May 19, 2014

Well done sir , thank you.
I could only add that the author , John clearly states that the angel signified it ( symbolized)
And John also clearly states that he was in the spirit. Precluding any literal interpretation. This is a book written entirely in a spiritual context. So "good " hermeneutics ( literal first) as I'm often told I do not use, are placed on hold for the extent of this text.

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