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Is it OK for a Christian to edify himself/herself, especially when speaking in tongues?

October 30, 2013 | by: Sam Storms| 1 Comments



Oct 30, 2013

edification…appreciated meditating a bit on this, this am…a few excepts too (below) from an interesting read this am. (

self-edification -according to the ideal of the Christian life that runs through the New Testament, each Christian man is a dwelling-place of God’s, and his work is to build himself up into a temple worthy of the divine indwelling. We are all builders; Building up — what? ..the Christian man is to be building himself up into a temple of God. The aim which should ever burn clear before us, and preside over even our smallest actions, is that which lies in this misused old word, ‘edify’ yourselves.

corporate-edification -according to which the Christian community, as a whole, is a temple, and building up is a work to be done reciprocally and in common. But, be that as it may, what I want to point out is that united building is inseparable from the individual building up of which I have been speaking. Now, it is often very hard for good, conscientious people to determine how much of their efforts ought be given to the perfecting of their own characters in any department, and how much ought to be given to trying to benefit and help other people.

Divine-edification- thus, dear brethren, we have to base all our efforts on this deeper truth,
that it is God who builds us into a temple meet for Himself, and then comes to dwell in the temple that He has built.If God is the builder, then boundless, indomitable hope should be ours. .. Therefore, we are entitled to cherish endless hope and quiet confidence that we, even we, shall be reared up into an habitation of God through the Spirit.

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