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Is it Possible to be Sinless in this Life?

June 26, 2014 | by: Sam Storms| 1 Comments


Matthew Abate

Jun 27, 2014

The underlying point of this piece bears repeating from all pulpits in the US and throughout the whole world:

"Either you embrace suffering as the inevitable calling of all those who follow Christ, or you continue in sin together with those who reject him."

That is a hard message to hear and an even harder one to embrace. It doesn't fill seats (or pews), and it may not win anyone over to Christ. Those two things might spell the death of the church, but do they? I hold out hope that our churches and its members really dig into Peter's words. I need to hear them again and again. Why? It's simple. If I find Jesus offensive, then he'll find me offensive. If I deny him before men, then he promises to deny me before the Father and all the angels. This last point is way too terrifying to experience or even conceive. Lord, please grant me the faith and the courage and the grace to proclaim you regardless of the consequences. Amen.

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