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Spiritual Gifts in Church History (2)

May 24, 2013 | by: Sam Storms| 3 Comments



May 27, 2013

Here is an interesting quote from John Wesley on the Montanists:

"By reflecting on an odd book which I read on this journey, 'The General Delusion of Christians with regard to Prophecy', I was fully convinced of what I had long suspected:

(1) That the Montanists, in the second and third centuries, were real, scriptural Christians; and

(2) That the grand reason why the miraculous gifts were so soon withdrawn, was not only that faith and holiness were well nigh lost, but that dry, formal, orthodox men began even then to ridicule whatever gifts they had not themselves, and to decry them all as wither madness or imposture.'

Quoted in Victor Bugden's 'The Charismatics and the Word of God', p150

Greg Dykstra

May 25, 2013

Without careful weighing of what is prophesied (1 Cor 14:29), the validity of the prophetic gift becomes suspect. The weighing process is important. Who are the "others" mentioned in this verse?

Richard Jackson

May 24, 2013

Thanks again for the insights and information. If you would like to share any more references of the subject, I would be very interested in hearing about them.

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