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The Gift of God’s Judgment: Our Election Crisis and Opportunity

October 25, 2016 | by: Sam Storms| 2 Comments


Christian Reyes

Oct 26, 2016

Was hoping something better from you. You're just another holier-than-thou idealist who doesn't live up to your fair-tale standard of Victorianism. Hate to break the news to you pastor but Christian men cuss & lust after hotties etc... Wake up man. The idealistic pulpit world is not the real world for the rest of us. All our poop stinks. That includes you too!

Michael Wood

Oct 26, 2016

Thank you for posting this article. Providentially the Lord led me to the following yesterday while reading in the Works of John Flavel: From: A Practical Treatise of Fear, by John Flavel (pages 308-309)
Rule 10. You can never free yourself from sinful fears, till you thoroughly believe and consider Christ’s providential kingdom over all creatures and affairs in this lower world.
Poor timorous souls! Is there not a King, a supreme Lord, under whom devils and men are? Hath not Christ the reins of government in his hands? Matt. 28:18 Phil. 2: -12, John 17:2…… Our enemies are apt to over-rate their own power, in their pride, and we are as apt to over-rate it too in our fears…..
Oh Christian! If ever thou wilt get above thy fears, settle these things upon thy heart by faith.
1. That the reins of government are in Christ’s hands; enemies, like wild horses, may prance and tramp up and down the world, as though they would tread down all that are in their way; but the bridle of providence is in their mouths, and upon their proud necks, 2 Kings 18:28 and that bridle hath a strong curb. (emphasis mine)

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