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Were Tongues Evangelistic or a Sign to Unbelieving Jews?

October 29, 2013 | by: Sam Storms| 1 Comments


19th Sept

Oct 29, 2013

If I will hear a tongue, I still have to base it from the Truth - the Bible. If it is a prophecy, it has to happen or the tonguer must be put to death for lying. How will God give more information in 2013 outside the Bible? How will we know that the tounger is telling what really God says? How will the tounger be humbled by God if God speaks to him as a balancing of such gift? Will God give more information to us aside from the Canonized Bible? Will there be other way of salvation by grace outside of the Bible because it was tongued? Tounges of today could lead to chaos of tomorrow. I just think so...

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