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Mar 2019 14 Mar 14, 2019

I recently returned to reading John Piper’s book, Reading the Bible Supernaturally, and was stunned yet again by a truth that has utterly transformed my life. That’s not an overstatement. I can’t think of another theological principle that has meant more to me than what you are about to read. I have often in my books tried to say the same thing, but it always seems to fall short of how John has expressed it. John begins by citing C. S. Lewis and his de...Read More

Mar 2019 11 Mar 11, 2019

The title to this article may surprise you. What in the world is Paul’s letter to Laodicea? I thought Paul wrote only 13 of the NT epistles (14 if you include Hebrews, which he probably didn’t write). It’s an interesting question. Here are ten things we should know about this mysterious letter. (1) We know this letter to the Laodiceans was written by Paul because of the instruction he gave to the Colossians in his letter to the church in that city: &ld...Read More

Mar 2019 7 Mar 7, 2019

You may be wondering why God would orchestrate life in such a way that we have to remain steadfast in prayer (Col. 4:2). After all, it strikes you and me as much easier and far more pleasant if God would simply say Yes right now. Here are a few reasons why he doesn’t. First, we are a presumptuous people! We just assume that God ought always to do what we ask, when we ask, precisely in the way we ask. By delaying his response, God awakens us to the gracious charact...Read More

Mar 2019 5 Mar 5, 2019
Mar 2019 4 Mar 4, 2019

Whereas the NT is quite clear that the office of Elder is restricted to qualified men, there is considerable and on-going dispute among evangelicals on the question of whether women can serve in the office of Deacon. Here are my reasons for saying Yes to this question. (1) Although the word for “deacon” can describe a non-technical ministry of serving to which all Christians are called, I believe Romans 16:1 is speaking of the office of deacon to which one m...Read More

Mar 2019 1 Mar 1, 2019

Last night I had the privilege of speaking to the students in our counseling school here at Bridgeway. The topic assigned to me was that of soteriology, or salvation. More specifically, we looked at the subject of God’s sovereignty in salvation and the subject of divine election. As I prepared for our time together, I decided that the best way to dive headlong into the topic was by way of an illustration I used in my book, Chosen for Life: The Case for Divine Elec...Read More

Feb 2019 27 Feb 27, 2019

I am regularly blessed by the Scripture meditations that appear daily at the Solid Joys app, yet another expression of the ministry of John Piper. This week, Monday, February 25, there appeared a brief meditation entitled, “You Are Greatly Loved.” I loved it! I was deeply encouraged by it, and I think you will be also. Here it is. We all once lived among [the sons of disobedience] in the passions of our flesh, carrying out the desires of the body and the m...Read More

Feb 2019 25 Feb 25, 2019

As we are in the process of building a diaconate at Bridgeway, I thought it would be helpful to mention a few important things to keep in mind. (1) The English word deacon is the translation of the Greek word diakonos which appears 29x in the NT. However, only four of those twenty-nine occurrences refer to a person who holds the office of deacon (Rom. 16:1; Phil. 1:1; 1 Tim. 3:8, 12). The other instances of the word simply mean servant or messenger or one who ministers ...Read More

Feb 2019 21 Feb 21, 2019

There is an astounding statement in 1 Peter 2:6 about Jesus Christ that stands as a challenge to each of us who claim to be his followers. Peter describes Jesus as “a cornerstone chosen and precious.” Think about it: he is chosen of the Father and precious! He is of immeasurable value to God the Father and must therefore be precious and of immeasurable value to us! Treasuring Christ is God’s response to Christ and therefore should be ours. Consider thi...Read More

Feb 2019 18 Feb 18, 2019

We should acknowledge right from the start that the terminology of “slave” and “master” is highly offensive. And the reason is that our concept of “slavery” today is quite different from what existed, for example, in the time of Paul when he wrote Colossians 3:22-4:1. So let’s proceed carefully as we try to understand what the Bible actually says about this controversial topic. Needless to say, this is far from an exhaustive trea...Read More