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10 Things You Should Know about Sanctification

January 16, 2017 | by: Sam Storms| 4 Comments



Jan 20, 2017

thank you. my husband forwarded me this article, and as i am someone who has been doubting and questioning my salvation/spiritual state for the past couple of years and also have an extremely sensitive conscience, this was very helpful and encouraging to me. praise God.

doug sayers

Jan 18, 2017

Allan, not sure if I understand what you are getting at. Are you suggesting that the regenerate cannot choose to sin? Do the regenerate have the power of contrary moral choice / a true liberty of will? It sounds like you must find the writings of Paul, Peter, James, and John "disappointing."


Jan 18, 2017

Always disappointed to read the words 'must' 'necessary' tc., in regard to sanctification, and here Packer uses required immediately after saying 'alive to God'; regenerate persons, alive to God ............. are required to exert themselves in sustained obedience.' Action according to innate nature is never a must, or a requirement, you can't stop it! It's alive!!

doug sayers

Jan 16, 2017

Thanks Sam. Very helpful, and thanks for actually mentioning one specific issue (at some risk, no doubt, of being accused of being judgmental and legalistic):

"Thus holiness/sanctification is not primarily an issue of style or fashion. Certainly we must embrace modesty and not clothe ourselves in such a way that we are sexually seductive."

Immodest / gaudy dress (especially in church meetings) is one of the "high places" that we struggle to tear down, and it is bigger than we might think. The desire to "look hot" or otherwise draw attention to ourselves, at church meetings, is diametrically opposite of our purpose in meeting for worship.

I am glad that the NT writers did not shy away from actually naming some sins that will be put off as we put on Christ. They were not content to leave us with vague platitudes about the process of sanctification.

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