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Announcing! Convergence: The Passionate Pursuit of Word and Spirit


I’m excited to be able to announce the opening of registration to our first national conference to be held here in Oklahoma City at The Criterion in Bricktown (downtown OKC). Continue reading . . . 

I’m excited to be able to announce the opening of registration to our first national conference to be held here in Oklahoma City at The Criterion in Bricktown (downtown OKC). Bridgeway Church is hosting the conference, the theme of which is the urgent need to be equipped and empowered to pursue both Word and Spirit in our lives individually and corporately as the body of Christ.

The conference was birthed out of the impending release of my new book, Practicing the Power: Welcoming the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in your Life (Zondervan; due out February 7, 2017).

We strongly believe that the urgent need of the church in the twenty-first century is Christians who are intellectually exhilarated by complex biblical truths yet unafraid to give public expression to deep emotional delight and heart-felt affection for Jesus. The church desperately needs theologically sophisticated followers of Christ who are hungry for the revelatory gifts of the Spirit while always remaining subject to the final authority of the written text of Scripture.

Many would say that this is impossible. Our aim in this conference is to challenge followers of Jesus to eagerly embrace both the functional authority of God’s Word and the full range of miraculous gifts of the Spirit, all to the glory of God in Christ.

At Convergence: The Passionate Pursuit of Word and Spirit, you will:

• be instructed in what it means to live and minister in both truth and power,
• be encouraged and equipped to pursue and practice all the gifts of the Spirit
• hear how, like Jesus, we can be “mighty in deed and word” (Lk. 24:19) without becoming either an out of control fanatic or a lifeless Pharisee.

Joining me as our plenary speakers will be Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor of the Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas; Jack Deere, former professor of OT at Dallas Theological Seminary and best-selling author of Surprised by the Power of the Spirit; and Andrew Wilson, author and teaching pastor at King’s Church, London, U.K. Together we will instruct, encourage, and challenge you to experience the fullness of the Spirit’s power and the foundational authority of Scripture.

There will be extended times of worship with Charlie Hall, Ryan Gikas, and Joel Limpic, as well as spoken word poetry from David Bowden. Time will also be devoted to focused intercession, prayer for healing, and prophetic ministry from the conference team.

If this sounds appealing to you (and I trust it will), go to www.convergenceconference.org and register immediately. Seating is limited and lower priced early bird registration is now available.

I hope to see you in October in Oklahoma City! Blessings,

Sam Storms
Lead Pastor for Preaching and Vision
Bridgeway Church
Oklahoma City, OK

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I would go to this in a heartbeat--Air Whatever from MA to OK. But it couldn't be at a worse time---first week of October? If ever you do something like this in the summer (I'm a teacher), I'd come and bring a bunch of friends. We (few) here in in New England who are both Word and Spirit centered (i.e., Biblical continuationists) are **starving** for something like this.

I hope at least you will be making video tapes/audio recordings. (┬┐Por favor?)

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