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Is this an odd world, or what? Continue reading . . .

“Bruce Jenner is female, Rachel Dolezal is black, and Donald Trump is a presidential contender” (National Review, July 6, 2015, 4).

Is this an odd world, or what?

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Odd indeed and extremely sad. Our culture has sold the lie of self expressionism which says be true to yourself (I believe your words from a sermon i listened to) and those feelings you have about yourself no matter what they are. If the feelings come from within then they are justified. The problem is that total depravity states that all of man is affected by sin which would conclude to mean a persons intellect, emotion and so on. We can't fully trust our emotions or "feelings" because they too have been tainted by sin. Our only hope is in the God of the Bible who has revealed Himself through Jesus and has Shown how His Creation ought to live under His rule and authority. We are a culture who has abandoned this truth and have bought the lie. Thanks for all you do! I enjoy listening to you each week and have learned a ton from your preaching and leadership.

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